37th Annual Meeting: February 26-28, 2016 – Bamfield, BC


Congrats to our 2016 presentation award winners!

Best 12 minute talk

1st place:Kieran Cox - The effects of shellfish aquaculture and First Nations clam gardens on species diversity and abundance
2nd place:  Sean Godwin – Salmon, sea lice, and indirect effects

3rd place (3- way tie):  Lauran Liggan – Understanding the life of a pneumatocyst: biomechanics of Bull Kelp buoyancy
Jane Pendray - The effectiveness of Canada’s species at risk legislation in recovering populations of imperiled species
Erin Hornell – Diet-dependent change in sex ratio in Tigriopus californicus
Honourable mention: Mary Toews - The cumulative effects conundrum: Mammal responses to human footprint vary across species and stressors

Best 3 minute talk: 

1st place: Stephanie Winton – The role of thermoregulation in rattlesnake road mortality
2nd place: Natasha Salter – Are we underestimating clam garden productivity?
3rd place: Laura Kennedy – The importance of eelgrass habitat for juvenile salmon
4th place:  Jared Maida – Response of rattlesnakes to disturbance in the South Okanagan
Honourable Mention: Hilary Hamilton – Ontogenetic shift of environmental stress tolerance in intertidal invertebrates: Does motility play a role?

 Best poster: 

1st place (2-way tie): Sharlene James - Effect of diet on green sea urchin, Stongylocentrotus droebachiensis, growth and gonad development
Paul Antonelli – Facilitating mine reclamation with soil amendments and nurse plants
2nd place: Kailee Streichert - Assessing control methods for yellow flag iris (Iris pseudacorus) and their impact on aquatic invertebrates.
3rd place: Sandra Frey – Is landscape development affecting species interactions and temporal niche partitioning in predator communities?


About PEEC

The annual Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference (PEEC) provides ecology and evolution students an opportunity to meet with peers to present research, make contacts, obtain feedback, and exchange ideas. PEEC is held at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre, located on Vancouver Island, an ideal place for undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral students or individuals somewhere between these to exchange ideas and partake in evening festivities (e.g. dance and costume party). This conference is organized and run each year by students from either Simon Fraser University (SFU), the University of British Columbia (UBC), or the University of Victoria (UVic). Researchers from the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere are welcome!

Questions? Contact peec2016 (at) gmail.com for more information!